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Customised Active Directory property sheets at your fingertips!


ADuce puts Active Directory property sheets that you have designed yourself right where you need them. When you click on an object in AD the property sheet immediately displays the properties of your choice for you to view and edit.

You can have the AD properties that are important to you all in one place so that you don't need to hunt through the standard tabs to find them, if they are there at all.

For example, if you want the Employee ID displayed then just add it. If you have a custom AD property then your customised property sheets can include that too!

ADuce custom tab

Property sheets can have multiple tabs, all of which you have designed yourself.

For a more complete collection of properties (perhaps the ones you don't use so often) you can double click an AD object to open a completely seperate property sheet.

Need to edit a property that's not on your property sheet? Just add it temporarily or, if you think you will need it again, save the new layout to include it for next time.


ADuce Features :




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Download the current Beta version of ADuce here.

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Requires .Net 4

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