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Most New FAWM Creations software is available as a domain or site license. This means that once you have paid the site license registration fee for a title you can install it on as many machines as you like.
The only limitation is that all computers must be owned by the organisation that registered the software and all computers must be on the same site/campus.

A site license makes New FAWM Creations software very inexpensive per machine and you don't have to worry about purchasing more licenses if you install the software on more machines.


AD Infinitum Domain license               $195 To purchase, enter your AD domain name and email address
before clicking the Buy Now button so that we can generate your
registration number and send it to you.
Active Directory Domain name
Your Email Address


Purchase Orders

You can email a scanned a purchase order directly to us for AD Infinitum at Please include your email address and your Active Directory domain name so that we can generate your registration number.

Note: All prices are in U.S. dollars


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